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Enhancing the Relationship with your Supervisor

15.05.2023 - 16.05.2023

This workshop is about how to lay the foundation for a successful cooperation and how to maintain it during the process.

Good cooperation between doctoral candidates and supervisors is important for a successful doctoral process. However, the framework conditions for this process are not always easy: Young researchers are very enthusiastic about their topics and sometimes have high (professional and personal) expectations of their supervisors. The supervisors, in turn, are involved in various projects and are expected to meet high expectations from many sides. This is precisely why it would be important to clarify with each other right at the beginning how exactly a good cooperation could look like.



How can the supervision agreement be helpful? How can meetings between supervisor and doctoral candidate be efficient and constructive? What role does constructive feedback play? How can conflicts be avoided or resolved?

Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to develop their communication skills in this workshop. Through impulse presentations, discussions and exercises, they learn to incorporate helpful communication strategies into the design of the doctoral process.


  • Supervision Agreement
  • How to plan and conduct a conversation
  • The importance of a conversation protocol
  • Giving and taking feedback
  • Preventing and resolving conflicts

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Trainer: Dr. Regina von Schmeling

Date: 15.05.2023; 10:00–17:00 + 16.05.2023; 10:00–13:00

Target Group: Candidates in 1st and 2nd year of doctorate

Format: In-Person Workshop at Humboldt Graduate School

Language: English

Open to Doctoral Candidates who are officially registered for doctoral studies at HU or part of member programmes, associated programmes and cooperations.

Zeit & Ort

15.05.2023 - 16.05.2023

Humboldt Graduate School
Luisenstraße 56
North wing - Ground floor

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