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Workshop: How to design and succeed in transdisciplinary research?

17.11.2022 | 09:00 - 12:30

The workshop is provided by the BUA-Research Forums and open to all PhDs, PostDocs, PIs and experts within the BUA-Exploration Projects Social Cohesion and Global Health.

For the final Impact Workshop, we will look into transdisciplinary research design. The workshop will address:

  • When and how to best involve stakeholders?
  • Clarification of roles and tasks, incl. facilitation, strategy development, implementation and evaluation of TDR
  • Clarity on expectations (Erwartungsmanagement)
  • Elements of trust building amongst diverse actors
  • How to deal with differences and conflicts?
  • The role of transparent communication throughout the TDR proces

More information here.

Please register with Wiebke Hahn via email: wiebke.hahn@berlin-university-alliance.de

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