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Triangle-Colloquium Berlin – Cambridge – Chicago: Living On. Life, Death, And Afterlife In Literature And Culture

Living On - Programm

Living On - Programm

Datum: 19.–22.6.2014
Ort: University of Chicago


Donnerstag, 19.6.2014

06:30 Uhr Dormitory Orientation

07:30 Uhr Reception at Bar Louie

Freitag, 20.6.2014

9:00 Uhr Panel I

  • Kai Schöpe: Pseudo-Symbiotic Survival Strategies. The Functions of Secondary Writings as Exemplified by Italian and French Travesties of Virgil in the 17th Century

  • Alex Sorenson: The Moving Curtain. Apparition and Staged Temporalities in the Trauerspiele of Andreas Gryphius

  • Ethan Blass: Nur die Muse gewährt einiges Leben dem Tod. Two Visions of Death in Goethe and Gryphius

11:00 Uhr Panel II

  • Polly Dickson: Making Faces. Border-Matter and the Limits of Play in the Works of E. T. A. Hoffmann
  • Matthew J. Fraser: Metalepsis as Metempsychosis in Novalis’ Hymnen an die Nacht

  • Philipp Kohl: Is There a Death Before Life? On Vorleben/Previe/Predzizn’/Pre-Life in Scenes of Animation Technomedia

14:00 Uhr Panel III

  • Ina Linge: Mourning Someone Lost: Recognition of Life (and Death) in the Context of Early Twentieth-Century Sexualwissenschaft

  • Tamara Kamatovic: The Macabre and the Sentimental. The Imaginary of the Grave in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Poetry

  • Lotte Laub: The Night Side of Life. Allegories and the Lyrical Dimension in the Films of Ghassan Salhab

16:00 Uhr Panel IV

  • Keynote Address by Eric Santner: The Weight of All Flesh. On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy

19:30 Uhr Dinner

Samstag, 21.6.2014

9:00 Uhr Panel V

  • Adam Yale Stern: The Corpse of Redemption. Heidegger, Rosenzweig, Sur-vival
  • Rob Craig: ‘Langsam, langsam singt der Tod’. Life, Death, and Redemption in Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Christoph Sauer: Kafkas ‘Anthropologie des Todes‘

11:00 Uhr Panel VI

  • Marie Kolkenbrock: Surviving Death. Arthur Schnitzler and the Haunted Culture of Modernism

  • Judit Minczinger: The Work of Mourning in 'Postironic' Literature. Dave Eggers’s Aesthetics of Secular Redemption

  • Kaleen Gallagher: Revenant Suicide as 'Über-Leben' in Elfriede Jelinek's Ulrike Maria Stuart (2007)

14:00 Uhr Panel VII

  • Willi Reinecke: Kunst und Über-Leben bei Vygotskij

  • Judith Lebiez: Thinking the Death Drive Beyond Death in Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer

Sonntag, 22.06.2014

10:00 Uhr Faculty Roundtable

13:00 Uhr Picnic at The Point

All panels will take place in Wieboldt Hall, room 408.

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