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Kathy Eden (Columbia), Oliver Simons (Columbia), Jean-Marie Schaeffer (EHESS), Jan-Niklas Howe (FU Berlin), Joachim Küpper (FU Berlin)

Trilateral agreement on cooperation: Columbia University – EHESS Paris – Schlegel Graduate School Freie Universität Berlin

Date: 02.–03.07.2015
Place: FU Berlin, Room JK 33/121
Conception: Prof. Dr. Joachim Küpper

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Kathy Eden (Columbia University); Prof. Dr. Oliver Simons (Columbia University); Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Schaeffer (EHESS Paris); Dr. Jan-Niklas Howe (Freie Universität Berlin); Prof. Dr. Joachim Küpper (Freie Universität Berlin)

Participants: Six young scientists from Columbia University; three young scientists from EHESS Paris; up to seven young scientists from the Schlegel Graduate School.


Session I

July 2nd, 10:00–13:00; Instructor: Kathy Eden

Topic: Plutarch and Seneca: Ancient Essayists?

Session II

July 2nd, 15:00–18:00; Instructor: Joachim Küpper

Topic: The ‘ischodnyj tip’ (Ju. M. Lotman) of the Genre: Montaigne

Session III

July 3rd, 9:00–12:00; Instructor: Jean-Marie Schaeffer

Topic: A Modern French Variant of the Genre (R. Barthes)

Session IV

July 3rd, 13:30–19:00;  Instructors: Oliver Simon / Jan-Niklas Howe

Topic: Musil, Essayism, Possibility and Exactitude; Adorno: Essay as Form