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Student Council of Romance Philology

Who we are and what do we do

Maybe it crossed your mind during your studies at the Freie Universität: Our department lacks a student council – and this is about to change. When we first came to the Institute of Romance Philology – at that point, an online semester – we all had a hard time finding our way around. How do I do with the courses? How do I get to know other students? How are the other students doing in online classes? And how can I get involved with the university politics? These and similar questions were the motivation to start a student council initiative again. In the meantime, a (still) small group of committed students has emerged from this.

We currently meet every two weeks in an open plenum to discuss life and learning at the Institute of Romance Philology and to plan events together, to introduce students to each other and to create an open place for questions and exchanges that are as accessible as possible. What is going well in teaching? Where might there be problems? How might these be addressed? How can we make life beyond the courses more enjoyable for everyone? Overall, it is important to us that the student council becomes and remains a place where everyone feels invited and welcome. Therefore, it is important for us to treat each other respectfully and as non-discriminatory as possible.

Currently we are still in the middle of building up and are at the very beginning, so we are happy about every new face and every interested person. So if you want to get involved, no matter if it's unipolitical, organizational or on our channels, we cordially invite you to do so. If you have been studying at Freie Universität for a while and know the old student council, please contact us. We are grateful for every helping hand and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

That sounds interesting and you would like to join us? We are looking forward to meeting you.

You can find us here:

Normally you will find everything that is up-to-date, such as plenary meetings (Plenumstermine), events and other kinds of activities in our Website. Here we have set up a suggestion box where you can post your concerns anonymously. So it is worthwhile to drop by. If you want to write to us personally, you are welcome to do so by email: fachschaft-romanistik@lists.fu-berlin.de. Of course, we also have an Instagram-account, where we want to provide you not only with event tips, but also with all kinds of content related to Romance Studies.