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The Didactics of Romance Languages and Literatures deals with the teaching and learning of French, Italian and Spanish in a school context. Of particular interest are the What? (What should students be able to do and when? What experiences should they have? What attitudes should they form? ...) and the How? (How do 7- and 16-year-olds learn foreign languages? What is the best way to retain vocabulary? What does a motivating foreign language teaching look like? How can teachers best support the 30 children in a class in learning foreign languages? ...)

Subject didactics is aimed in particular at prospective teachers and is therefore an integral part of the bachelor's program with the option to become a teacher and of the various master's programs for teachers. The research foci of the department are characterized by high practical relevance.

For more informations, please visit the page for Didactics of Romance Languages (only in German)!