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Recognition of academic credits

Information on the recognition of academic credits for students changing their studies

Important: These instructions apply to students who want to transfer to/from the Freie Universitätor who want to have credits from another study program recognized by the Freie Universität for a study program at our institute.
The following information does not apply for the recognition of individual modules taken by students in degree programs at the Freie Universität as part of a semester abroad. This is a responsability of the module coordinators.

The Institut Board decided in its meeting on 23.11.2007 and 23.05.2008 the following regulation:

  • All professors of the institute are responsible for the recognition of credits earned in Germany for a BA program in all fields of study.
  • The following professors are responsible for the recognition of credits earned abroad for a BA program:


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schneider

Hispanophone countries

Prof. Dr. Susanne Zepp


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Huß

Lusophone countries

Prof. Dr. Uli Reich

all other Romance-speaking countries

all Professors

for the area of didactics

Prof. Dr. Daniela Caspari

Determination of language skills required for the study program: Recognition of knowledge of Latin or an additional Romance language (in addition to the studied language) required as part of the course of study.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Huß