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Incoming Erasmus Students

After having been nominated by your home university the students will receive a conformation of their admission at the FU which will include important information for preparing your stay. Nomination deadlines and essential documents to be submitted are listed in the FU-Infoblatt.

Preparing your stay and first steps on arrival

At the bottom of the welcome site for international students you will find the main links to information and tips for preparing your stay.

Info-Portal for ERASMUS-students: Distributed Campus

The FU Berlin has set up an online portal for international students that will help them to prepare their stay in Berlin. Your will find a checklist on distributed-campus.org, detailing what needs to be done when. You will receive the login data for  Distributed Campus after you have been nominated by your home university.

Learning Agreement

As a rule the learning agreement (please use the form of your home university) should only be finalized when you start your courses in Berlin. If your home university requires the completed learning agreement before that time, then it will almost invariably have provisional character. It will then in most cases have to be changed after having taking up your studies in Berlin. Please send the learning agreement directly to the responsible FU-Coordinator for your home university.

First steps on arrival

Immatriculation: The deadlines for immatriculation will be included in your confirmation of admission. Usually students can enrol until the end of September or beginning of October for the winter term and until the end of March or beginning of April for the summer term. We urgently recommend to submit all documents that we request in our confirmation e-mail as soon as possible. Thus you can receive all important login data and user IDs on arrival.

Certificate of Arrival, Confirmation of Arrival, Certicate of Attendance: these documents must only be signed by the Incoming Office. We advise to submit them instantly on arrival to:

Frau Nicole Schindler
Internationale Studierendenmobilität - Welcome Services
Studierenden-Service-Center (SSC)
Iltisstr. 4 (U-Bahnhof Dahlem Dorf)
14195 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 838-70000
E-Mail: info-service@fu-berlin.de

During your stay

Registration for courses / Campus Management

Students can register online for courses of their study area using the Campus Management system within the current registration deadlines. You will need your ZEDAT-login data for using Campus Management. Normally your ZEDAT data will be posted to you automatically after enrolment. Should this not be the case, then please contact the ZEDAT-Userservice immediately, having your immatriculation documents ready.

If you are not in possession of a matriculation number at the beginning of the lecture period, then please contact the lecturer in the first session of the course(s) and register personally for the course.

Changes to the Learning Agreement (LA)

Should changes to the original Learning Agreement be necessary, then please enter them on the form of your home university and submit it together with the first version of the LA (pages 1 – 3 ) to the Erasmus-Coordinator for your home university at the FU for signature. This should be done within the first 4 weeks of the lecture period.


Points of contact at the FU are:

At the end of your stay

Transcript of Records (ToR)

At the end of their stay, Erasmus guest students at the FU will receive a confirmation of studies (transcript of records)  that will list the credits according to the "European Credit Transfer System“ (ECTS). For Erasmus-students of our department these transcripts are issued by the respective Erasmus coordinator or their offices.
For obtaining the transcripts, please submit:

1) completed application for a Transcript of Records (Englisch or German)
2) the Campus Management printout of all your marks and credits
3) all manually issued course certificates for courses for which you could not register in Campus Management. In these cases please ask your lecturer(s) to issue a course certificate.

If you have primarily attended courses outside our department, then you will receive your transcript of records from the exam office of the respective department.

If you attended courses in study areas for which you have not been registered, then please contact the central Erasmus incoming office for issuing the transcript.


At the end of your stay you may apply for exmatriculation. A formal confirmation of exmatriculation is required for any re-immatriculation in Germany or for a partial refund of unused months of your public transport ticket.

Please submit the completed exmatriculation form to the Studierenden-Service-Center in Iltisstr. 1.

*) Please note that some of the linked sites above are only available in German.

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