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Understanding University: The Rhetoric(s) of German Academia

Understanding University

Understanding University

In February 2018 "Understanding University. The Rhetoric(s) of German Academia) received the Teaching Award of Freie Universität.

"Understanding University”, which was developed in the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre 980 "Episteme in Motion", asks the question of how the German academic habitus functions as an obstacle for certain students, be it for reasons such as gender, socio-economical or cultural background. At the same time, we aim at demystifying academic rhetorics. By decoding them, we show that they are teachable and learnable practices. Thereby, students from diverse backgrounds shall be enabled to successfully participate in academic life in a self-determined manner. Diversity, for us, is not a deficiency that needs to be resolved. Quite to the contrary, we assume that every student coming to study at Freie Universität should be enabled to develop their talents and interests in the best possible way. At the same time, students will gain an awareness of the competencies acquired in an academic context and the ways in which they are of use far beyond this specific setting. Read more (German) ...

The module consists of a lecture and a seminar. Additionally, we will offer a student-led tutorial, which can be attended voluntarily and which is geared in particular towards younger and international students. See courses ...

"Understanding University" addresses students of the Humanities, having completed at least one semester of study. If students attend the whole module (lecture and seminar) they can receive credit for the ABV module "Gender und Diversity: Zentrale soziale Kategorien im 21. Jahrhundert". See credits ...

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Angie Martiens (angie.martiens[at]fu-berlin.de).