Workshops & Conferences

Together with PostDocs and professors associated with the Graduate School, the doctoral candidates organize conferences and workshops, invite international guests and thus contribute to shaping their curriculum.

International Network

It is part of the program to spend one semester abroad at an international partner university. Besides, every year many visiting doctoral candidates from the international partnerships come to the Graduate School for a semester stay.

Freie Universität Berlin

An excellent infrastructure is at the scholarshipholders' disposal. They are part of an international and interdisciplinary network of research and teaching and are given the opportunity to create their own individual program for realizing their project.


Termine FSGS


Four research areas substantiate our methodological and theoretical focus on comparative literary studies nowadays: Literature as textual practice, Literature from a transnational perspective, Literature and knowledge, Literature, (inter-)mediality and the arts. The mission statement 2007 and a bibliography from 2008 throwing light on the beginning.

Members & Affiliates

The Graduate School is one of the structured doctoral programs at Freie Universität Berlin operating under the umbrella of Dahlem Research School. Institutes of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities are mainly involved. Besides, university lecturers from the Department of History and Cultural Studies and the Central Institutes for North American Studies and Latin American Studies supervising literary study works in their subjects are involved.

For the benefit of our doctoral candidates the Graduate School works closely together with other humanities, cultural studies and social science programs at Freie Universität, Humboldt Universität, and Forum Transregionale Studien. To strenghten the School's inspiring research environment we apply for and integrate small and medium sized research projects like the Einstein Visiting Fellowships.

International network

Freie Universität Berlin is one of Europe’s leading research universities with a global aspiration. People from more than 100 countries study and work at Freie Universität Berlin, global perspectives enrich the curriculum and research, students and scientists learn, teach and research all over the world. Against this background FSGS offers its young researchers an environment that – in its internationality and diversity – guarantees opportunities for sustainable development and success.

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