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Andrea Esser (Jena)

Symbolizing perpetual deliberation. Kant’s formal conditions of the aesthetic judgment, their intercultural dimension and their limits

Hans Feger (FU Berlin):

Aesthetics and Life-World – Kant’s Concept

 Yvonne Förster (Lüneburg):

Art and Technology: Exploring aisthetic dimensions of the lifeworld

 Saulius Geniusas (CUHK, HongKong):

Productive Imagination and the Historicity of the Life-World

 Tonino Griffero (Rom):

Pathic Aesthetics: Atmospheres and Lifeworld

 Helmut Heit (Shanghai, Tongji U):

The Dao of Tightrope-Dancing. Coping with Acceleration East and West

 Lore Hühn (Freiburg i. Br.):

The Ethos of Gelassenheit in Martin Heidegger and Schelling

 Hilge Landweer (FU Berlin):

The Sense of Appropriateness in Ethics and Aesthetics

 Li Shuangzhi (Shanghai, Fudan U):

Living dreams as a aesthetic form of Dasein in the early works of Hugo von Hofmannsthal

 Liu Yuedi (CASS):

Aesthetics of Everyday Life and Chinese Living Aesthetics

 Stefan Majetschak (Kassel):

Aesthetic judgments and their Cultural Grounding. Considerations about the Problem of Ascribing Aesthetic Concepts to Works of Art

 Georg Stenger (Wien):

From “Cézanne’s Doubt” to Ài Wèiwèi’s Subversive Engagement – Art at the Edge of the Life-World

 Sun Zhouxing (Tongji Univ.)

 Wang Ge (CASS)

 Wang Wen-sheng (Taipei):

Lifeworld, Techne, and Art in Husserl’s Phenomenology

 Maren Wehrle (Leuven, Belgium):

(Husserl’s) Home-World and Alien-World: The Lifeworld as Condition of Normal Perception

 Mario Wenning (Macau, Gunagzhou):

The Rhythm of Natural Action

 Christian Helmut Wenzel (Taipei):

Aesthetic Education in Confucius, Kant, and Today

 Ye Jun (Tongji Univ.):

The Idea of Aesthetic Education, the Room of Knowledge and the World of Life – An Observation
Concentrated on the Qiao-Yiing Experiences of some Chinese Intellectuals Expatriated in Europe

 Yu Mingfeng (Shanghai, Fudan U):

On Wandering: Nietzsche and Zhuangzi

 Günter Zöller (LMU München):

Aesthetic Cognition. Kant on the Productive Power of the Imagination