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Dr. Rasha Chatta

Rasha Chatta

Institut / Einrichtungen:

Fachgebiet / Arbeitsbereich:

Cultural Studies

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Raum JK26/222e
14195 Berlin

Sketching Migration in Arab Comics: War Narratives, Conflicted Memory, and Gender. In progress.

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'Refractions of a Grim Future: Figuring Dissonant Beirut in Speculative Graphic Narratives.’ Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, special issue ‘Arab Futures Reconsidered: Historical, Cultural, and Ecological Approaches’, ed. Teresa Pepe. Forthcoming December 2023.

‘Reclaiming Spaces from the Streets to the Gutter. Sketching Feminisms in Contemporary Arab Graphic Narratives’. MAI, Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture, special issue 'Embodying Feminist Discourse in Comics and Graphic Novels'. March 2023

Comics as Witness and Testimony: An In-Conversation with Jennifer Howell’ in TRAFO Blog for Transregional Research, 2021.

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