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Erstibericht Juliane

The overwhelming “Erstibericht”  


My name is Julia, I am 22 years old and I study English in the second semester. After graduating from school in 2005, I went to New Zealand and Australia. There I spent nine months while doing a “work and travel” program. In October 2006, I started at the Free University Berlin  (Kombibachelor: English and Journalism/ Communication Science)


Reasons for choosing “English Philology”

Honestly, there is no profound reason why I chose English as my main subject. I have always enjoyed communicating in different languages, especially in English but that’s it. Generally, I think that Great Britain has an interesting historical background and has also played an important role during the time of imperialism. Moreover, Shakespeare, Hemingway and Wilde are only a few authors who are significant figures in the English literature and make the syllabus interesting to read.



The “application-process”

The application was a long-drawn-out, boring procedure. After being accepted for the course itself, every candidate had to do an English test that proves that she/ he is able to read, understand and listen to sophisticated English texts. For me the test or at least the questions were quite difficult. That was also the reason why I failed the first time and had to do an additional oral test.


The terrifying first week

The first week served as an orientation-week for everyone. Every student had to “create” his own timetable, figure out in which building which course took place, where to buy books, readers, scripts and when and where she/ he had to hand in his papers.

Nevertheless, one was able to get to know all other students and find out about where they came from, what their motivation was for studying English and so on.


The overall impression

Honestly, I often felt/feel completely left alone in this university jungle as even the secretaries and people in charge could neither answer my questions, nor tell me where I had to go in order to solve the problem. Fortunately, I had a few friends who still help me to organize, for example my time-table, otherwise it would have taken much longer to get into the whole university system at all.

Concerning the study itself, I can maintain that if one has an “extraordinary” combination of subjects, it is sometimes impossible to get from one meeting to the next without being late (e.g. Lankwitz - Dahlem). A little “Ersti” needed her/ his time to get used to these conditions and time to understand that even a bus trip can be an exciting adventure if the driver refuses to start the motor…


I am available for further questions, comments and suggestions:


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