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"Scientific Argumentation": Workshop by the Dahlem Research School for doctoral candidates

14.07.2022 - 15.07.2022

A course on the most important concepts from formal Logics such as premises and conclusions of arguments, the validity and soundness of arguments, deductive and inductive reasoning and so forth. Participants learn how to reconstruct arguments from scientific texts, how to give well-structured and logically valid arguments, and how to avoid misunderstandings. There are two main sets of exercises: one for written argumentation and one for oral argumentation. The goal is to provide researchers with a toolbox for everyday scientific work, that can be applied for both, oral and written argumentation.

Every participant receives a 30-min individual consultation with the teacher, Kai Hüwelmeyer. The course is exclusive to doctoral candidates from all disciplines.

The course will be conducted in English and takes place online. Registration is necessary via the website of the Dahlem Reserach School.

Course dates in July: Thursday, 14.07.2022, 09:00–15:00; Friday, 15.07.2022, 09:00–15:00.

Zeit & Ort

14.07.2022 - 15.07.2022


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  • Logics, scientific argumentation, wissenschaftliches Argumentieren, scientific writing, wissenschaftliches Schreiben, promovieren, dissertation