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Support points

As part of the Mental Wellbeing Initiative at Freie Universität, initial contact points for mental health during studies (support.points) have been established at several departments since October 2022. The support.points are staffed by psychologists who help to clarify concerns, find initial solutions, and refer students to support services. The consultations are confidential, and the staff are bound by professional secrecy. If desired, conversations can also be conducted anonymously. No concern is too big or too small to drop by the support.point (e.g. feeling lost in your studies/on campus, stress, exam/speech anxiety, procrastination, looking for a psychotherapy place, ...).

This contact point can also be done in English!

The support.point in the Department of Philosophy and Humanities is located in the Rostlaube in room JK 28/115, here open office hours are offered without prior appointment. The doors of the other support.points (e.g. Department of History and Cultural Studies in the Holzlaube, Department of Veterinary Medicine in Koserstr.) are also open to you. You can also contact the support.points if you are a staff member or lecturer. For up-to-date information on office hours, the various locations and other support services, please visit the project website:


Contact person:
Jonathan Bär (M.Sc. Psychologie)

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Raum JK 28/115
14195 Berlin

Office hours:
To the open office hours is not necessary to make an appointment. The counseling ist keine Anmeldung erforderlich. The consultations are confidential, the employees are bound to secrecy. If desired, conversations can also be conducted anonymously.