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Dr. Manolis Ulbricht


This website is updated until April 2022.



Doctorate in Byzantine Studies (overall grade summa cum laude)

Ph.D. Thesis: “Coranus Graecus. The Oldest Transmitted Translation of the Qurʾān within the «Ἀνατροπὴ τοῦ Κορανίου» of Nicetas of Byzantium. Introduction, Text, Translation, Commentary

Abstract, Table of Contents, Disputatio (14/07/2015), Exposé (2012)


  • Professor Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis (Byzantine Studies)
  • Professor Angelika Neuwirth (Arabic Studies)

(Funded by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation)


Field Research in Damascus:

  • Traditional Islamic Studies at the Umayyad Mosque
  • Research at various Orthodox Monasteries in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt
  • Training in Classical Arabic at the Institut français du Proche-Orient

(Funded by the German Academical Exchange Service [DAAD], Freie Universität Berlin [PROMOS], German Academic Scholarship Foundation)

Oct. 2010

Degree of Magister Artium (overall grade 100 %)

Master Thesis: “Fragments of a Greek Translation of the Qur’an from the Vat. gr. 681” [Table of Contents]


Studies in Ancient History, Islamic Studies and Protestant Theology

Freie Universität Berlin & Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

(Funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation)


Studies Abroad with a deepening focus on Orthodox Theology and Ancient History

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

(Funded by ERASMUS and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation)


Baccalaureate (Abitur) in Berlin