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Aristotle Archive of Freie Universität Berlin

Aristoteles: Athos, Iviron-Kloster, Portaitissa-Kapelle, 17. Jh.

Aristoteles: Athos, Iviron-Kloster, Portaitissa-Kapelle, 17. Jh.

The Aristotle Archive, founded in 1965 on the initiative of Paul Moraux, is dedicated to exploration of the history of how the Corpus Aristotelicum has been handed down through time. The Archive has a unique microfilm collection of all Greek Aristotle manuscripts as well as approximately 1,000 additional manuscripts with late antique and Byzantine commentaries on Aristotle’s treatises.


The Archive’s main project, which is scheduled to run for a long period, is the Aristoteles Graecus: The objective is to conduct the scientific exploration and systematic description of the approximately 1,000 Aristotle manuscripts, which span eight centuries and are located throughout Europe, the Near East, and North America, in order to lay the foundations for the history of how these texts have been transmitted and for text criticism and authoritative editions of the individual treatises themselves.


The tradition of fundamental research into Aristotle in Berlin dates back to prominent philologists of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially to Immanuel Bekker, the editor of the Prussian Academy of Sciences edition of Aristotle’s works (1831), and Hermann Diels, who edited the Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca (1882-1909), also published by the Prussian Academy of Sciences. The edition of the Byzantine Aristotle commentaries as well is a desideratum today, and without it, vast chapters of the history of Byzantine philosophy in the Middle Ages would go unwritten.


The Archive has been continuously funded by Freie Universität after receiving start-up financing from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, or DFG).


The Aristotle Archive is a partner in the DFG infrastructure project “Teuchos. Zentrum für Handschriften- und Textforschung” (Center for Manuscript and Text Research) at the University of Hamburg. The academic liaison for Teuchos at Freie Universität is Lutz Koch.


The Archive is also the location of the work of Dr. Pantelis Golitsis, a researcher from LMU Munich (Dr. O. Primavesi, Professor, Leibniz Prize).


As part of the Topoi cluster of excellence, the Aristotle Archive is the site of dissertations on the history of transmission and reception of Aristotelian texts (Joyce van Leeuwen, TBD).

Academic director: Dr. Dieter Harlfinger, Professor (University of Hamburg)




Strasse JK 30, Raum 028

Habelschwerdter Allee 45

D-14195 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 838-52215 und 52234

e-mail: aristoteles-archiv@fu-berlin.de




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Koch, Golitsis            52971    JK 30/ 0-28
van Leeuwen, N.N. (Topoi)
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