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Research Projects

Fields of Research:

Ancient philosophy and ancient literary studies from Homer to late antiquity including the history and theory of literature.

Current research projects:

  • Aristotle -- Analysis of the argumentative strategies in Aristotle's Metaphysics and Physics, and in other treatises, especially de interpretatione and other texts from the organon; late antique commentators on Aristotle; the institutions of philosophical schools and teaching in late antiquity and their cultural, social and religious contexts in classical and late antiquity (in the frame of the Collaborative Research Center "Episteme in Motion"); studies in the history of higher education in antiquity.
  • Digital Humanities: digital processing of digitized Aristotelian manuscripts which aims at gaining insights about spatial movements of Byzantine manuscripts and internal movements inside manuscript folia. These internal dynamics take place when text is erased or corrected, added at the margins or inter lineas, when scribes and readers have commented on the text or quoted authoritative commentators. (Project in the frame of the Collaborative Research Center "Episteme in Motion")