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It is a singular interest of Berlin Byzantine Studies, in accordance with the future-oriented concept of institutional strategy of the Freie Universität Berlin, to effectively integrate the ongoing research of the chair of Byzantine Studies into the regular curriculum for students. Through this research-orientated teaching, our students and the students of neighboring disciplines will be actively introduced to the questions of ongoing research projects in an interdisciplinary manner.

Therefore, we regularly offer ‘research internships’ that undergraduate students may attend as well as masters students. It is the goal of our efforts to introduce the students as early as possible to the methods and approaches of this future-orientated teaching at one of the best network universities in Germany. Another characteric example of a sustainable combination of research and teaching at Berlin Byzantine Studies is the conceptualization and successful application of the teaching project “Digitalizing Philology – Corpus Coranicum Christianum, which has been prepared in a teacher-student collaboration from the beginning to the moment of the – successful – application. It directly integrates the research into the regular teaching curriculum.

On all levels, we represent this interaction between researchers and students!