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Study Programme

The central focus of the doctoral candidates at the International Research Training Group lies on conducting independent research for their dissertation project.Their individual research is embedded in, and accompagnied by, a comprehensive study programme.

This study programme consists of advanced seminars, lectures and conferences. It includes an obligatory fortnightly research colloquium, seminars, master classes, workshops and joint symposia. These are meant to intensify the research, inspire new perspectives and guarantee an interdisciplinary training. The events are conducted by participating professors of the university and by visiting scholars, which are invited by the Research Training Group on the basis of their specific qualifications. On the whole, the study programme is meant to intensify but not to extend the doctoral research period.

The students are not only confronted with a set of compulsory and optional courses; they are also expected to propose classes, workshops or symposia on their own and to invite guests who they think will support their own research in one way or another. Since the field of Interart Studies is still emerging, the students have the unique opportunity to contribute to its establishment by developing new ideas, theories and methods.

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