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Course structure

The study course "Languages of Europe" has been superseded by the study course "Sprachwissenschaft (Linguistics)". The new study regulations will be valid for all students who start the study course in winter 2016/17 or later. Students who started the study course under the old regulations can apply for a transfer (Wechsel der Studienordnung).


The interdisciplinary Master's Programme at IZ-ZEUS 'Linguistics' (previously 'Languages of Europe') combines theoretical linguistic studies and foreign language training. This study course will offer its students the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills as well as examine scientifically the functioning of language.

You will become familiar with issues concerning the structure, the history and variation of language as well as the workings of intercultural communication and linguistic theories, including neurolinguistics. The study course is clearly structured and contains mandatory and optional modules that will allow students to focus on their particular interests.

Students can choose a Germanic or a Romance profile or study with no specific profile.

Linguistics – Mandatory Section

  • Profile options:
    – General linguistics (without any specific focus)
    – Romance languages (with focus on Romance languages)
    – Germanic languages (with focus on Germanic languages)
  • Compulsory modules are:
    – Structures of Romance or Germanic languages (10 CP respectively)
    – Change and variation of Romance or Germanic languages (10 CP respectively)


Sprachwissen – Compulsory Elective Section

Four modules have to be chosen from this section: 

– Structures of Romance / Germanic languages (10 credit points)
  (for students who want to complement their profile with the resp. other profile)
– Change and variation of Romance / Germanic languages (10 CP)
  (for students who want to complement their profile with the resp. other profile)
– Language theory (10 CP)
– Sociolinguistics (10 CP)
– Cognitive linguistics (10 CP)
– Neurolinguistics (10 CP)
– Historical linguistics (10 CP)
– Research module (10 CP)

Language Learning – Compulsory Section

Students have to successfully complete 4 modules:        

– Foreign language learning A (10 CP)
– Foreign language learning B (10 LP/ungraded)
– Foreign language learning C (5 CP)
– Foreign language learning D (5 CP).


In these modules language competence in at least 2 different foreign languages has to be acquired or extended. Students with focus on Romance or Germanic languages have to take at least one Romance or Germanic language. Students whose mother tongue is not German can also choose German as a foreign language.

Neither the entry nor the target levels are specified. Students can start as complete beginners, but also extend the competence that they already have. Yet, during the course of studies students will need to prove that they have made progress in each of their chosen languages.

The requirements for admission consist in a Bachelor's degree with at least 20 credit points in linguistics courses. The Master Programme is consecutive and research-oriented, but will not offer a translator's qualification. The study course takes 4 semester, one (preferrably the third) should be spent abroad.

For further details concerning the Master's Programme please see:

Further information on admission is to be found in the Admission Statute ("Zugangssatzung", only available in German).