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The interdisciplinary Master's Programme 'Linguistics' at IZ-ZEUS (previously 'Languages of Europe')

The study course "Languages of Europe" has been superseded by the study course "Sprachwissenschaft (Linguistics)". The new study regulations will be valid for all students who start the study course in winter 2016/17 or later. Students who started the study course under the old regulations can apply for a transfer (Wechsel der Studienordnung).


The interdisciplinary Master's Programme at IZ-ZEUS 'Linguistics' (previously 'Languages of Europe') combines theoretical linguistic studies and foreign language training. This study course will offer its students the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills as well as examine scientifically the functioning of language.

The requirements for admission consist in a Bachelor's degree with at least 20 credit points in linguistics courses. The Master Programme is consecutive and research-oriented, but will not offer a translator's qualification. The study course takes 4 semester, one (preferrably the third) should be spent abroad.

For further details concerning the Master's Programme please see:

Further information on admission is to be found in the Admission Statute ("Zugangssatzung", only available in German).