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May foreign applicants be exempt from the proof of German language competence (DSH 2)?

Yes, in exceptional cases applicants may be exempt from the DSH  requirement, if evidence of sufficient knowledge of oral and written German can be provided. Examples of such evidence are:

  • completed studies in a German speaking study course at a German speaking university,
  • the International Baccalaureat (IB), depending on the mark in the subject German,
  • the successful attendance of  the tenth grade at a German speaking highschool ("Gymnasium"), depending on the mark in the subject German.

Please send your queries and applications for exemption to

Claudia Burghoff E-Mail: claudia.burghoff@fu-berlin.de or

Gabriela Leder E-Mail: gabriela.leder@fu-berlin.de

Please note:

Having the the German nationality or having a German-speaking parent are no reason for exemption.
Likewise, having obtained a degree in German language and literature in your country of origin does not exempt you per se from the DSH requirement.