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Information about language training

The master's programme Linguistics (previously 'Languages of Europe') is a linguistic master, hence it does not focus on language acquisition and training. For scientific work and research the knowledge of German and English is indispensable. Therefore proof of language competence in these two languages needs be provided at the time of application.

A. Application and Registration

For admittance to the master’s programme applicants need to proof language skills as follows:

  1. Proof of language skills in English (B2 CEFR receptive)
  2. Proof of language skills in German on level DSH-1 for application and on level DSH-2 for regular registration.

All requirements may also be fulfilled by native languages.

B. Study:

During the study course at least two and at most four languages can be learnt or improved.                                                                                                          

To note:

Native languages cannot be chosen as foreign languages in the course of the language training of the master's programme.