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Language attitudes in multilingual Saarland

The project investigates attitudes towards language policies in Saarland within the region's "France strategy".

In January 2014, the regional government of Saarland announced its so-called "France strategy". The objective of the strategy is to make Saarland a "multilingual region with a Franco-German character" within one generation's time. Language policy is an important part of the strategy, especially the promotion of French as a second vehicular language in Saarland.

For the first time, the research project investigates the population's attitudes towards this strategy. 1200 inhabitants of Saarland participated in a survey in April and May 2017, answering questions about the objectives of the strategy, its policies, their linguistic competences and practices and their attitudes towards French.

For an overview of the results, see the press release (pdf).

The media in media in Saarland covered the study and the reactions in regional politics.