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One of the core responsibilities of the iZEUS is linguistic research in an interdisciplinary context. The comparative study of European languages, including the minority and minor languages, as well as creoles, is one of our research foci.

Current and planned areas of study include the following

  • Linguistic typology with special attention to new empirical methods and with particular attention to the European languages
  • Historical grammar and typology, particularly studies of typological change in the Germanic and Romance languages
  • Extension and refinement of linguistic models
  • Comparative studies of first and second languages acquistion with reference to European languages
  • Studies of linguisitic variation in European languages as well as of creoles based on these languages and languages of minorities
  • Sociolinguistic studies of languages within the European Union and elsewhere in Europe
  • Research on brain stuctures and mechanisms involved in language

Please consult the list of completed and current research projects for further information. If you are interested specifically in a planned research project, please contact zeus@fu-berlin.de or contact individual researchers directly.