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Elisabetta Mengaldo


E-mail: elimeng@gmx.net

Elisabetta Mengaldo studied German language and literature and Slavic studies (Russian) at the University of Padua, graduating in 2003 with her Masters dissertation titled "To improve one's style means to improve one's thoughts and nothing else! Stylistic-rhetorical Phenomena in Friedrich Nietzsche's early Aphoristic Works". Her work was given the "Maria e Lina Meneghetti" award by the university for the best Masters dissertation. In the course of her doctorate studies in general and comparative literature at the University of Siena (double doctorate, simultaneously at the University of Hildesheim), which she completed in 2007, Elisabetta Mengaldo wrote a paper on "Development and Structures in the Poetry of Georg Trakl. Some Aspects of his Poetic Development".

Between 2003 and 2004, Elisabetta Mengaldo was a research assistant at the German-Italian "Villa Vigoni" Centre and there, among other things, was in charge of publishing the Villa Vigoni newspaper. She has been a lecturer in German literature at the University of Trieste since 2007.

Elisabetta Mengaldo is currently working on a project on Adorno's Minima Moralia, which she is analysing in terms of its rhetorical devices and techniques of argumentation. Here the question as to influences and sources, and points of contact with Nietzsche's aphoristic works in particular, make up a major part of the analysis.

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