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Completion of the doctoral studies

Delivery of the doctoral thesis

Delivery of the doctoral thesis
Image Credit: FSGS

Dissertation defense of Agnieszka Hudzik

Dissertation defense of Agnieszka Hudzik
Image Credit: FSGS

Disputationsvortrag von Ana-Maria Schlupp

Disputationsvortrag von Ana-Maria Schlupp
Image Credit: FSGS

Submitting the dissertation, dissertation defense, publication

You are done with your dissertation? Congratulations!

Submitting the dissertation

The right to award doctorates does not lie with the Graduate School, but rather the department or faculty. Therefore, please submit your dissertation to the Graduate Studies office at the relevant department / faculty. Please find out about opening hours on their websites:

Please also read the relevant paragraph in the doctoral regulations that applies to you. There you’ll find the regulations (e.g. title page, addendum, etc.) to which you need to adhere. It is also regulated how many copies you need to submit, and who may be your reviewer. Please direct any questions regarding the submission of your dissertation to our colleagues at the Graduate Studies office. We may be able to give you a few hints based on our experience, but legally binding information is only available there.

Please inform the FSGS’s office about the date of your submission. If you submit at due date, you will receive – available funds provided – a transitional grant. In order to apply for follow-up funding (postdoc project), to present yourself on the non-academic market or prepare your dissertation defense, you can also use this time to

  • take DRS classes at the FSGS’s expense, e.g. the dissertation defense training or the job application training.
  • use funding not spent from your travel expense budget.

After submitting your dissertation to the exam office, please submit the confirmation to the FSGS office. The date on the confirmation is your proof of submitting on time!

Dissertation defense and graduation from the doctoral studies program

Together with the relevant Graduate Studies office, you will organize the date for the dissertation defense and will suggest members for the doctoral committee. The field in which you will receive your doctoral degree is determined by the admission to the doctorate, i.e. by the departmental affiliation of your supervisor.

This person supervised you during your doctoral studies program. Through the supervisor agreement with FSGS you also have one or two more supervisors in your supervisor team. You may ask these supervisors to function as members of your doctoral committee. However, this is neither an obligation nor a right. Important are the regulations in the doctoral regulations. For example, it determines how many external members the doctoral committee may have. Please inform yourself about these regulations in due time! We’re happy to advise you at an early stage.

You may use the FSGS seminar room for your dissertation defense. Let us know once you have set the date. Please also inform all FSGS doctoral candidates about the date or allow us to pass the information along. It is always helpful to experience a dissertation defense before it’s your turn. Also, make sure to take the dissertation defense training at DRS about which we’ve received very good feedback.

After the dissertation defense we will create the certificates for you that prove the successful graduation from the structured doctoral studies program. In order to prepare the certificates, we will be in touch with you after you submit your dissertation. If you don’t hear from us, please give us a nudge.

Please remember to withdraw from university after the dissertation defense:

Publication of the dissertation

FSGS has its own publication series that serves to publish exceptional dissertations at the school. If you would like to publish your work in the series World Literatures / WeltLiteraturen you will need to submit an application to the board. The board submits the manuscript for external review and, after receiving the review, decides about the book’s inclusion in the series. If accepted in the series, a printing cost subsidy (up to 3,000 EUR) to cover type setting and printing may be granted.

For publications outside of the World Literatures series, FSGS does not grant printing cost subsidies. Please find out about options to raise printing cost subsidies on the website of the German Stifterverband (Deutsches Stiftungs-Zentrum [German]).

Please read up in the doctoral regulations about everything you need to keep in mind before passing on the print-ready file to the publisher (approval from the doctoral committee, deadlines).

After your work has been published, we ask that you send us a copy of the book. It will be displayed in the FSGS’s vitrine in the Philological library of the Freie Universität Berlin. Further, we’ll link information about your book on our website [German]. We would also like to receive advertising flyers for your book. We will display these together with a copy of your book on the book table during our annual conference.

PhD certificate

After finalizing the process by submitting the published work, you’ll receive your PhD certificate from the Graduate Studies office. Please send us a copy. 

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