Tips for your successful application:

  • First of all, please register at the online portal of the Dahlem Research School, which opens on November 05, 2018. There you will have to indicate your future affiliation as FU Berlin, after which you can choose to apply at the FSGS. After successful registration, a little flag will appear at the top left corner. When you click this, your application to the FSGS will open. You can view your application at any time. All input is automatically saved.

  • Please fill out the personal information page first. It is part of the applicant file and not identical to the registration. The other pages can only be edited once this page is fully completed.

  • Please choose your first supervisor from the circle of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School's Principle Investigators ("PIs") or from the PIs of the EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities" respectively. This choice is not final and therefore you can also indicate your preferred supervisor on your application. You don’t need a confirmation from the supervisor at this point, but it can be helpful to initiate contact with him or her in advance.

  • To apply for project scholarships, DAAD grants and positions at the Cluster of Excellence 2020 "Temporal Communities", you must provide two letters of recommendation. Reviewers can be professors or academic staff who know you and your academic work well. There is no formal specification for the recommendation letter. The reviewers will receive an email with information on how to upload the letter of recommendation as soon as you have sent the application. Ideally, you’d get in touch with your reviewers in advance, so that they are aware of the upcoming system-generated email. If your reviewers should have any problems with this procedure, they may send their signed recommendation letter via email as a PDF.

  • The advisor teams in a structured doctoral studies program can consist of up to 3 members. Apart from the first supervisor, certified professors may be added who are not members of this school. However, these should be affiliated with one of the universities in Berlin or Brandenburg in order to guarantee continuous support (participation in the candidate’s colloquium, annual team discussion).

  • Please do not upload any homework assignments as work samples. An excerpt from your thesis or from a publication is required.

  • If you received your university degree at a foreign university we will check through ANABIN whether your university is approved in Germany.

  • If you don’t have your university degree certificate at the time of your application, you can still apply if you can submit the certificate by August 01. In this case please upload other significant documents regarding your expected certificate (transcripts, evaluation of your professors, etc.)

  • Language certificates may be handed in later. Please include an explanation regarding existing and pending certificates with your application as well as when the certificates can be submitted. Sufficient basic knowledge, however, is required.

  • Your application ist submitted only after you have clicked the "save and submit" button. You will then receive a confirmation email. Please note that the "save and submit" button will disappear after the application deadline has ended. You will still see your details and the uploaded documents, but you won't be able to submit your application after the the deadline has ended.
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