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Study abroad

The English department is particulary concerned for its students, at Bachelor, Master and PhD level, to spend as much time as possible overseas as part of their programme of study.

The department has long-established Erasmus-links with the Universities of Edinburgh, London (Queen Mary's College, Goldsmiths, and Institute of Education [Maters' students only]), Essex (Colchester), Kent (Canterbury), Leeds, Warwick, Manchester, Avignon (France). Contact Ruth Wishart (ruth.wishart@fu-berlin.de).

In addition, the department also has Erasmus partnerships with the Universities of Florence and Leuven. Contact: Erasmus-Florenz-Leuven@anglistik.fu-berlin.de.

A range of other exchanges with English-speaking universities are also available via the Sprachenzentrum.

Students embarked upon the Bachelor "Lehramtsoption" or the MEd can also avail themselves of the PAD teaching assistant programmes. Contact Ruth Wishart.

The university has a wide range of "direct exchange programmes" with the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Contact Güther Schepke at the "Akademisches Auslandsamt (exchange@fu-berlin.de). The department has the last word in nominating students for the exchange programme with the University of Melbourne. Contact Prof. Dr. Stephan Laqué.

MA and PhD students should seriously consider spending part of their research time in a partner department. Double-badged PhD programmes (so-called "co-tutelle de thèse") may also be of interest for those wanting to pursue an international academic career. Contact Prof. Dr. Stephan Laqué.  The DAAD awards six-month or one-year scholarships for study abroad.