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Study abroad

The English Department encourages all students, at Bachelor, Master and PhD level, to spend time studying overseas as part of their programme of study.

Unfortunately as a result of Brexit, we have lost our Erasmus exchange partnerships with UK universities in Edinburgh, London (Queen Mary's College, Goldsmiths und Institute of Education), Essex (Colchester), Kent (Canterbury), Leeds, Warwick and Manchester. However, the fact that the UK has now rejoined the Horizon scheme gives us hope that the Erasmus exchange may also be renewed in the near future. If you have any enquiries about Erasmus, please contact Ruth Wishart (erasmus@anglistik.fu-berlin.de).

We currently still offer the opportunity to study abroad under the Erasmus scheme at the Universities of Florence and Leuven. For more information, please contact Erasmus-Florenz-Leuven@anglistik.fu-berlin.de.

The university has a wide range of direct exchange programmes (Direktaustausche) with the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and Australia. More information and links to our partner universities are available from the International Office ( https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/studium/international/studium_ausland/direkt/index.html).

For information on our exchange programme with the University of Melbourne, please contact Prof. Dr. Stephan Laqué (slaque@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Students who are enrolled in the "Lehramt" programme (both BA and MEd) have the opportunity to apply for the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst) scheme to work for 6-9 months as an assistant teacher of German at a school or college in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Please visit their website (https://www.kmk-pad.org/programme/fremdsprachenassistenzkraefte.html) or contact Ruth Wishart for more details (ruth.wishart@fu-berlin.de).


MA and PhD students are also encouraged to spend part of their research time in a partner department. Double-badged PhD programmes (so-called "co-tutelle de thèse") may also be of interest for those wanting to pursue an international academic career. Contact Prof. Dr. Stephan Laqué. The DAAD awards six-month or one-year scholarships for study abroad.