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Theatre in Buenos Aires: between reinvention, assembly organization of artists and survival mode.

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– A letter from Argentina, by Natalia Laube & Mercedes Méndez – 

Theatre in Buenos Aires is like water: it seeps into every corner, seeking new paths, always making headway. To explain the phenomenon one must first speak of a social spirit composed of thousands of creators—professionals and amateurs—who gather to create without considering the results, without planning where or how to premiere or how many people will ultimately watch. They just want to create. Theatre operates as a means to build community, to circulate artistic thought and serve as a vehicle for expression, without any certainty that the result will be money or prestige.


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Natalia Laube was born in Buenos Aires, where she studied journalism and art history. She works as a cultural journalist, cultural manager and translator from German. She lives and works between Berlin and Buenos Aires.

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Mercedes Méndez is a journalist and art critic, specializing in theater. She writes for the main newspapers and news sites in Buenos Aires and coordinates a popular theater club. 

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