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Video Interview: Azadeh Sharifi

In this interview, the theatre scholar Azadeh Sharifi speaks about her research project on ‘post-migrant theatre’ in Western European countries. Explaining that her research is influenced by her personal experiences as a refugee in Germany, Sharifi describes how her interest in the effects of migration on contemporary European theatre developed—effects that must be considered as formative but are, in fact, very often ignored, marginalized, or misrepresented. Strongly emphasizing the need to investigate and highlight this formative role of migration for the aesthetics of contemporary Western European theatre, Sharifi strives to critically rethink the potentials of the term ‘post-migrant theatre’.

Video Interview with Azadeh Sharifi, © Freie Universität Berlin 2015


  • theatre, activism, political, scholar, post-migrant, refugee, migration, contemporary European theatre, marginalized, misrepresented, critical thinking, interweaving, performance, cultures, interweaving performance cultures.
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