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Workshop »When Species Meet« – Approaches to Environmental Aesthetics in Theater, Dance and Anthropology

1–2 July 2014
International Research Center

All along their history, ethnology and anthropology have been concerned not only with ritual and performative structures, processes and phenomena within individual cultures but also with the diverse relationships between them. Recent research approaches especially are less interested in the examination of ‘intercultural’ relationships emanating from static entities than in the complex and dynamic interweavings cutting across the divisions into nations, peoples, tribes, etc. (which often date back to colonial structures). Right from the start, work at the Research Center has particularly focused on these concepts of relational and transversal approaches to cultural processes of inter-and intraweaving. Ethnologists and anthropologists (such as Evelyn Schuler Zea, Klaus-Peter Köpping) have therefore repeatedly been involved in the Center’s work as Fellows.

The workshop »When Species Meet« – Approaches to Environmental Aesthetics, which brought together leading scholars and practitioners from the fields of ethnology, anthropology, philosophy, theater, and the Fellows of the Research Center, took up and deepened this approach by highlighting the interplay of such cultural processes with forms of theater and dance work. In what ways are stabilizing or de-stabilizing forces at work within processes of interweaving? What is the way in which categories such as ‘the human’ are created – how are these categories simultaneously undermined, and how do they reflect the supposed impossibility of an equal exchange with other forms of living? What is the role of narrative forms and myths in this? In what ways are these forms and myths updated and ‘translated’ for a given situation, and in what way are they embodied and mobilized?


Tuesday, 1 June 2014
10.00–10.30 a.m. Gabriele Brandstetter and Evelyn Schuler Zea: Welcome
10.30–11.15 a.m. Evelyn Schuler Zea: The inception of Yanomami shamanic initiation and the movement of parts
11.15–11.30 a.m. Coffee Break
11.30 a.m.–12.15 p.m. Laymert Garcia dos Santos: The audiovisual apparatus of Yanomami shamanism and our own technological device
12.15–1.00 p.m. Discussion
1.00–3.00 p.m. Lunch break
3.00–3.45 p.m. Barbara Glowczewski: Totemic Becomings and Australian Ecosophy
3.45–4.30 p.m. Gerko Egert: ›A Sea of Movements‹ – Choreography, Weather, Atmosphere
4.30–5.00 p.m. Coffee
5.00–5.45 p.m. Discussion
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Wednesday, 2 June 2014
10.00–10.45 a.m. Peter Pál Pelbart: Schizoscenic Experiments
10.45–11.15 a.m. Discussion
11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. Final Discussion
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung