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Lecture Series »Colonializations of the Aesthetic«

Lecture Series »Colonializations of the Aesthetic«

Lecture Series »Colonializations of the Aesthetic«

17 April–10 July 2014 (except 11 June)
Thursdays, 6–8 p.m.

Institute for Theatre Studies
Freie Universität Berlin
Grunewaldstr. 35
12165 Berlin-Steglitz

The dominant influence of aesthetic practices and norms in everyday life, detectable in the increasing aestheticization of the public sphere and the constant innovation of the self-fashioned 'creative self', has become one of the defining characteristics of contemporary experience. Just as the individual's interaction with these practices is guided and defined by societal trends, the same hegemonic expansion of aesthetic behaviors and categories can be observed in the commercial and critical publics of art and academia. This lecture series will present examples of "Colonializations of the Aesthetic" in order to investigate the socio-historical context of this 'expansion' in norms and practices, and to systematically interrogate the distinctly Western hegemony of the Aesthetic.


17 April 2014 Andreas Reckwitz
Das Kreativitätsdispositiv und seine Ästhetisierungsprozesse
24 April 2014 Rolf Elberfeld
Sprachspiele des Ästhetischen im Horizont verschiedener Sprachen und Kunsttraditionen
15 May 2014 Helen Gilbert
Diplomacy at Large: Indigenous Aesthetics, Cultural Capital and the International Stage
22 May 2014 Rustom Bharucha
Appropriating Aesthetics in the Creative Economy: Strategies, Capitulations and Resistances
05 June 2014 Susanne Leeb
Rembrandt in Afrika: Zu den Ungleichheitsbedingungen verstrickter Geschichten und zur Ambivalenz des Ästhetischen
26 June 2014 Mieke Bal
The Lure of Love and the Performance of Capitalism
03 July 2014 James Elkins
Limits of the Discussion of Writing in Art History
10 July 2014 Shiva Prakash
Colonization and Decolonization of Poetics and Theatre Aesthetics

The programme flyer is available for PDF download here.

Concept: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Erika Fischer-Lichte, Anne Breimaier, Dr. Mark A. Halawa, Andrea Sakoparnig, Dr. Christel Weiler

The lecture series is organized by the International Research Training Group »Interart« and the International Research Center »Interweaving Performance Cultures«, Freie Universität Berlin

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