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Andrej Mirčev

Intermedial spaceshaping in contemporary theatre

This PhD. project will research various aspects of contemporary spatial practices, which lead to the extension of the stage/scene through integration of new media. Anchored in a topological-performative turn that is significant for the postdramatic theatre, the subject will be examined within an interdisciplinary framework. These different perspectives shall be taken from theatre and dance studies, visual studies, film and media studies. In a situation in which the scene has been inhabited with screens, projections and cameras, the borders between theatre, media and installation become blurry, so it is possible to think of a heterotopic - hybrid spatiality. At the same time, this “production” of space can also be understood as a performative act, which is a result of the interference between bodies, sounds and visual media, thus, changing the perception of the performance. To be able to make a thorough analysis of such spatial transformations, the subject shall be questioned within the domain of different discourses: hermeneutics, phenomenology, performative theory, media aesthetics, deconstruction, semiotics, Lacanian psychoanalysis and topology.

On the occasion of a theory of intermediality the main emphasis is to discern the relation between the real body/space and its simulated/digital image. Within such a perspective, it seems necessary to question the notion of the existing spatial paradigm and to understand space not as a self-contained, self-standing entity, but as a result of performativity and (in present days) as mediated through new media. In order to grasp this transition, the following questions could be posed: How is it possible to semiotically and hermeneutically asses the integration of media into performance? How is that influencing the scenic space and the perception of the audience? Is it possible to think of these spatial practices as a liminal space and where are the edges between theatre, video-installation, performance art and dance? Does it seem plausible to think of a relational space, where the audience is not passive but participative?


Personal Details

Theater studies, philosophy and history in Belgrade, Rijeka and Zagreb. Title of the final work: Corporeal strategies in the performances of Marina Abramović


PhD. studies : Literature, Culture, Performing Arts and Film, Philosophical Faculty Zagreb


Art Academy Osijek (Department for theatre and visual arts): Fellow assistant for the subjects Spatial theory and Theory of contemporary performance

Since 01/2009

Gallery for Contemporary Art Pančevo, member of the gallery board


Blending Media Conference, Gdansk Paper title: Deffering (the) Presence


PSi # 15 Conference, Zagreb Paper title: How and why to teach performance at an Art Academy?


Human rights film festival, Zagreb Assistant of the director

Artistic projects (selection)


Project: Danilo Kiš’s Dream (Photo, Installation, Performance), Osijek, Pančevo, Belgrade, Zadar, Split


Installation: Manuscripts of the vanished, Museum of the town Pančevo, within the 13th Biennial of art Video: Ona je tu (together with Nikoleta Marković), KEF, Rex, Belgrade


Solo exhibition: Cyber Bit(ch), Gallery Dvorište, Pančevo


Dramaturgy for the Choreography Lady Macbeth in Furio, (Choreography: Marjana Krajač, Selma Banić)
Solo exhibition: Eurydice, Galery Kontekst, Belgrade


Solo exhibition: Body without Organs, Gallery Remont, Belgrade
Video for the performance Lover’s discourse, Roland Barthes, (production K.O.), Zagreb


Solo exhibition: I(ch)zolacia, Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik
Group exhibition: Real presence, Museum 25th of May, Belgrad


Video for the performance Who is afraid of Sarah Kane (Directed by: Oliver Frljić), ZagrebVideo/Installation: Private in Vitro (Choreography: Željka Sančanin), Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana


Group exhibition, VideoMarathon, Chisinau, Moldavia

Publication list (selection)

Endless decorative curve, in: Karolina Pernar, Sculptures to wear (Monograph of the artist Karolina Pernar), Publisher: ACT IN FACT/Studio Karolina Pernar, Zagreb, 2009.

Photo-Novel, Danilo Kiš’s Dream, Publisher: Centar za kulturu Pančevo, 2008.

Against Representation, Exhibition catalogue 13th Biennial of Art, Pančevo, Publisher: Centar za kulturu Pančevo, Galerija savremene Umetnosti, 2008.

Paradoxes of Present Body, Shortcut to Croatian Dance 2008, Publisher: Croatian Centre of ITI, Zagreb, 2008.

Editor of the Dossier: Is an engaged Art Possible Today? Tema, Publisher: Centar za knjigu, Zagreb, 2007, Year  IV, Nr. 1.-2.

Rhetorical figures in Beuys' shamanism, Frakcija, Publisher: Cdu, Autumn 2005/Winter 2006, Nr. 37./38., Zagreb.


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