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Monika Lilleike

Classical Hawaiian Hula - Performing the Senses. A Systematic Analysis concerning the Interdependencies between stylized Dance-Acting, Percussion, and chanted Oral Literature.

Classical hula, also known as hula ‘olapa, stages multiple realms of sense experience based on a delicate interplay between percussion, chanted oral literature, and stylized dance-acting. The performance analysis interest of this dissertation necessarily ties into the observation of both, means of production and reception, stressing strategies and practices according to which the plurimedial and heterogeneous phenomenological domains of hula performance are structured and staged. The analysis concerns the interrelation of performative and narrative strategies and related qualities of aesthetic experience that are constitutive of classical hula. I furthermore discuss the notion of classical hula performance in terms of a performative means to proliferate upon enlightenment based on reflections of human senses experience.Placing my research within the field of interart and media studies, my aim is to extract and merge useful analytical tools and notions from the specified academic areas in order to discuss the convergence of the divergent artistic dimensions of hula performance. As part of my analysis I draw on performance material which I gained as part of combined field research and practice oriented performance study of classical hula conducted on O’ahu, Hawaii (1997-2001).


Personal Details

Contact: lilleike[at]web.de


M.F.A, Master of Fine Arts in Asian Performance, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA


Bunka-Cho Artist Fellowship, Tokyo/Japan, study of classical Japanese performance practices: Noh-Theatre, Gagaku, Nihon Buyo


M.A., Masters in Theatre Studies, Religion Studies, Ethnology, Free University, Berlin


Associated member of the International Research Training Group "Interart Studies", Free University, Berlin

Since 2007

Teaching position, NŌ inKONTAKT - Japanisches Nō Theater und die zeitgenössischen Künste, Department of Drama and Music Theater, University of the Arts, Berlin

Since 2007

Artistic director of the Berlin situated Hula School Na Hanona o ka Hālau Hula ma Kahikina


Master class on Cross-cultural and experimental Performance conducted as part of the EU sponsored EAMT Project. The project’s aim was the advancement of contemporary music-theatre, Music and Drama Academy, Tallinn, Estonia


Art:Relations. Revisiting Crucial Concepts. Joint Symposium conducted by the International InterArt Studies Program, Free University, Berlin. Concept development and moderation as part of the symposium subdivision: Intermediality/InterArt: latest scores

Seit 10/2009

Doctoral Fellow at the International Research Training Group "Interart Studies", Free University, Berlin.



Performance art apprenticeship and artistic work in various formations since 1993. www.monika-lilleike.de

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