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The International Research Training Group 'Interart Studies' offers different options of membership.

Doctoral Scholarships and Postdoctoral Posts

The Research Training Group offers 12 doctoral scholarships and 2 postdoctoral posts. Generally, every three years, at the beginning of the winter term, the doctoral scholarships are awarded for a period of two years, and they may be extended for another year.The postdoctoral posts are awarded for two years without the possibility of an extension.

There are no doctoral fellowships or postdoctoral posts available at the moment.

Associate Membership

Associate members can participate in all events organized by the Research Training Group; they may use its workstations, including computer and technical equipment, as well as the library and media centre. Associate members do not receive any financial support from the Research Training Group but are expected to be funded by a national or international institution or scholarship system (e.g. German National Academic Foundation, Arts and Humanities Research Board, DAAD etc.).

At present, there are no vacant places for new associate members.
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