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Ph.D Course

Degree Awarded: Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Ph.D Course Committee

(= Supervisory Panel)

  • Consists of two members
  • One will be the primary advisor
  • One possible member from partner universities

Reviewers and examiners in the Ph.D. course review process will be selected from this group.


  • Individual support of the doctoral students for their PhD studies and dissertation.
  • Participation in an interdisciplinary doctoral colloquium
  • Additional events will be under the discretion of the doctoral student

Sequence of Events for Graduation

1. Application for Admission

  • For 3 (or possibly 4) years
  • Admission requirements: above-average Master’s Degree

2. Application for Enrollement

As a doctoral student

3. Doctoral Studies

  • for three years
  • Specific field-related, interdisciplinary events (open to all, but staggered by year): PhD colloquia, Method seminars, lectures, advanced seminars, guest lectures, other lecture series, etc.
  • Field-independent qualifying events: doctoral and career skills such as writing skills, teaching skills, public speaking, presentation, team management, project management, etc.

4. Doctoral Examination

  • The project coordinator will choose the reviewers of the Doctoral Committee according to the proposal of the doctoral student
  • Doctoral Colloquium (with the Doctoral Committee)
  • Publication of the dissertation etc.

Graduation Regulations

New edition of graduation regulations (pdf, German)

General graduation regulations for Dr. phil. / Ph.D. (pdf, German)