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German-Asian Graduate Group of Humanities

The German-Asian Graduate Group promotes outstanding dissertation projects of Asian doctoral students, providing a path for them to obtain a PhD in the Humanities at Freie University Berlin. This program will impart the core concepts of the European Humanities, in order that highly qualified junior researchers might convey them to their respective countries.

The doctoral students are placed in a structured program which is specifically designed to guide them through the entire process of receiving their Ph.D. During their stay in Germany, they will also be provided the opportunity to cooperate in the international community involved with FU-Berlin.

Current Topics

  • German-Chinese Conference “Philosophy and Religion”
  • International Symposium “Existential Philosophy and Ethics"
  • Guest Lecture "The Idea of Normativity in Hegel's Philosophy of Objective Spirit"

Graduate schools

  • Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

  • Languages of Emotion: Exellenzcluster Graduate School

  • Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

  • Graduate School of North American Studies

  • International Graduate College InterArt

  • Doctoral Program "History and Cultural Studies "