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Performing Arts in Greece Today: An Aesthetics of Exodus

Natascha Siouzouli's research focuses on the here-and-now of the performing arts in Greece. She is conducting real-time observation, which will eventually shape her research questions and hypotheses. Beginning with a description of the atmosphere, in which art making currently takes place, she will try to position various artistic phenomena in this context. Natascha Siouzouli is interested in the ways in which aesthetic processes of transformation are perceivable, but also in the specific political and ethical attitudes of the art towards the present. In this very special situation, she wants to unearth artistic phenomena that exhibit an ethical aesthetics of an exodus and to ask: what kind of art still makes sense today?


  • Natascha Siouzouli, Greece, Exodus, real-time-observation, atmosphere, art, transformation, ethical Aesthetic, sense, Performing Arts in Greece Today An Aesthetics of Exodus, Theatre in Conflict Zones, The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre