Doctoral candidates

Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School grants up to ten doctoral scholarships every year. The scholarship holders command, in addition to their scholarship, a budget for material and travel expenses. Scholarship holders with parental responsibilities receive twelve additional scholarship months and may add these to the scholarship's three-year duration and/or use the monetary value of the scholarship months for child care.

Handing in the dissertation within the time limit entitles to a transition scholarship to bridge the gap to the disputation and the start of employment/PostDoc funding.

If you should require more time for your doctorate, you will remain a doctoral candidate of FSGS until the disputation or disenrollment.

The listed persons in the following are currently receiving a doctoral scholarship and/or are doctoral candidates of FSGS:

Barbara Bausch

Doctoral Candidate

Poetik der Störung. Das Erscheinen des Realen in der Prosa Ror Wolfs [Poetics of disruption. The appearance of the Real in the prose of Ror Wolf]

Jennifer Bode

Doctoral candidate

How to Narrate Death – Narrative Approaches to Death in the Novel, from Modernism to Contemporary Literature

Marlene Dirschauer

Doctoral Candidate

Water in the Poetics of Virginia Woolf

Laura Gagliardi

Doctoral candidate as of winter semester 2016

Laura Gagliardi

Hanan Natour

Nation and Narration in Contemporary Tunisian Arabic Prose

Christopher Scholz

Doctoral Candidate

Representations of the body in contemporary Japanese literature by female authors


Niovi Zampouka

Stipendiatin der FSGS


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