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Annual extension of the PhD position in the doctoral program 'Literary Studies'

The annual extension of the PhD position aimts to ensure the quality of the structured doctoral studies program, the supervision within the Graduate School, and the dissertation itself. It also guarantees a consistent and critical appraisal of the Graduate School’s evaluation criteria and offers for everyone involved in the process.

Mandatory steps to extend the PhD position at the FSGS

The meeting between the doctoral student and all members of the supervisor team is a mandatory part of the extension process. It is essential that all supervisors are present at the team meeting to ensure that a common agreement is reached on how to proceed and on possible conceptual reorientations. It should take place either at the end of the winter semester (by March 30 at the latest) or at the end of the summer semester (by September 30 at the latest). The doctoral candidates should arrange an appointment for the team meeting with their supervisors, which can also be held virtually (Webex, Adobe Connect, etc.). Our office is happy to offer advice and support. If no appointment can be made for everyone involved, please contact the office in due time.

The meeting should clarify the following aspects:

  • progress status of the dissertation
  • coordination regarding the dissertation’s content, method, and theoretical approach; identification of discrepancies (if applicable).
  • agreement regarding the work schedule for the following months (including conference visits, involvement in teaching events, visits abroad for study or research, planned publications, use of course offerings at DRS, etc.)
  • if necessary: identifying problems and a mutual search for solutions & recommendations to the office / the Graduate School’s board or director

For the renewal application after two years also:

  • Agreements on the deadline for submission
  • Proposals for the composition of the committee
  • Initial thoughts on the phase after submission of the thesis (funding, internships, etc., if applicable: professional development after completion of the doctoral studies, publication of the thesis)

In consultation with the supervisor team the doctoral student creates a work sample. This means:

  • an annotated outline of the dissertation
  • completed dissertation chapters or chapter excerpts
  • an annotated list of literature read and evaluated
  • a schematic schedule for the upcoming year.

The doctoral candidates send the work sample via email well in advance to the meeting to all members of the supervisor team. These documents are the basis of the meeting. The work sample does not need to be submitted to our office.

The doctoral student completes the progress report form [German] and sends it via email well in advance to the meeting to all members of the supervisor team, so that the supervisors can get an overview of the activities of the past year. Following the meeting, the doctoral student amends the item ‘results of the supervisor meeting‘ and submits the work report to our office by March 30 / September 30.

Each member of the supervisor team completes the voting form (PDF) following the advisory meeting. 

The vote should be submitted to our office shortly after the team meeting. Our office treats the votes as confidential. Other members of the supervisor team are only informed of votes if the issuing supervisor is informed and has agreed to this.

No news is good news: if we are missing documents for the extension process we will be in touch with you. If you do not hear from us, the extension process is under way, and nothing else is required from you.

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