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Information for future doctoral candidates at FSGS

Festakt 2017

Festakt 2017
Image Credit: Lorenz Becker

Projektstipendiatin 2017

Projektstipendiatin 2017
Image Credit: Lorenz Becker

Selection of courses, lectures and seminars / Integration into the Graduate School

Members of FSGS have access to excellent infrastructure. They are part of an international and interdisciplinary network of teaching and research, and can choose from our offers to create a tailormade program in support of their project. The interdisciplinary research colloquia during the winter semesters are mandatory, where all projects are presented and progress discussions take place.

Our overview of the structure of our doctoral program shows you how many credits in the various areas (writing the dissertation, seminars, workshops for transferable skills, colloquia) you need to achieve. A transfer of credits from one area to another is not possible.

Besides our curricular offers, you may participate in all workshops and conferences, and you are welcome to help organize or contribute your own presentation. The FSGS members’ joint reading group offers an informal opportunity to take part in our professional discourse. On Tuesdays at noon, the Schlegels meet for the lunch forum: they eat together, get to know each other, and listen to a short lecture. The current schedule can be found on this website.

Additionally, you may participate in workshops at Dahlem Research School (DRS) at the Graduate School’s expense. Here, you will find high-quality offers in the field of transferable skills.

At your request, the Graduate School might assign you a work space in one of the PhD student rooms. The more time you spend working at the school, the more you will be able to engage in conversations with others. 

Have any further questions? Send us an email or stop by (JK 33/110).

Secondary or multiple employment

How much you may earn on top of your scholarship is regulated through the DFG guidelines for Graduate Schools: all non-academic activities are counted towards the scholarship, which means that the scholarship is decreased by the amount of these additional earnings (including the gross tax portion, if applicable). Earnings from academic activities are exempt from deductions, but they may not exceed the limit of 6000 EUR per year. Additional earnings are to be reported to our office. Please fill out the declaration of secondary or multiple employment.

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