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Research Integrity

Since the amendment of the "Ordnung zum Promotionsstudium ‘Literary Studies – Literaturwissenschaftliche Studien’" in March 2020, it is mandatory for PhD candidates to obtain one Credit Point in the field of “Good Academic Practice“ (Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis (GWP)). Research Integrity belongs to the field of "Practice Perspectives/Transferable Skills".

Since the amendment of the doctoral regulations at the Department of Philosophy and Humanities on 20 September 2023, all doctoral candidates in the department must also attend a course in the field of GWP (“Good Academic Practice“) in the first year after admission.

You can choose either one of the alternating suitable courses [German] at Dahlem Research School (DRS) or Humboldt Graduate School (HGS).

Alternatively, there is the possibility to participate in an online course "Good Academic Practice" , which is offered by DRS in cooperation with GRADE, the Graduate Academy of Goethe University Frankfurt, and which can be credited with 0.5 CP.

Online Course Tool

“How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources?“ Answers to questions like these are provided in the eLearning course “Good Academic Practice“.

In five modules, you will receive comprehensive information on the topic and test the knowledge you have acquired. You can interrupt the course at any time, revisit your progress or repeat modules.

Access to the online course

Please contact your Graduate School's office to receive access to the course in the form of a license key. Please note that the name used for registration will automatically appear on the certificate upon successful completion; therefore, please do not use an alias or similar.

Flash is required to use the online tool (see fact sheet [German]).

Online Tool Good Academic Practice

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