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Literary Studies Tutorial “Academic Writing” (Summer 2024)

26.04.2024 - 19.07.2024

Literary Studies Tutorial “Academic Writing” (Summer 2024)

Fri, 10:00–12:00 c.t.

Course description:
The Literary Studies tutorial is designed to guide students of the Advanced Module (“Aufbaumodul”) seminars through the process of writing a term paper. To complete each module, students are required to write a 2,000-word term paper, which must adhere to the standards, conventions, and expectations of Academic English writing. The tutorial aims to provide an overview thereof in order to make the writing process more manageable.  

Each of the seven sessions, held once every two weeks, will focus on a specific step of the writing process. By the end of the term, students should be fully prepared to research and write their own term papers.
The sessions are not mandatory, however, they are highly recommended for those without a strong background in English Academic Literary writing. See the syllabus below for information regarding specific topics, schedules and locations.

Session Dates Topic Room 
1 26.04.2024              Introduction: What makes a good term paper?                                             JK31/125
2 10.05.2024 Finding a topic and developing a thesis JK31/125
3 24.05.2024 English writing conventions KL29/235
4 07.06.2024 Finding and evaluating sources JK31/125
5 21.06.2024 Citing your sources: How to avoid plagiarism JK31/125
6 05.07.2024 How to plan a writing project JK31/125
7 19.07.2024 Review and open discussion JK31/125