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Invitation to the Orientation for the MA English Studies, October 6, 2 PM

News vom 27.09.2021

I would hereby like to welcome you at Freie University in the name of the Institute for English Language and Literature. To ensure that everyone has a good start, we will be hosting an online orientation event on Wednesday, October 6th,  at 2pm (German time). The event will take place via Webex, which is also the platfrom normally used for online courses. If you have not yet done so, you should familiarise yourselves with this platform before participating.

The access link to the event will be published on the English version of the Student Advisement Webpage. Any more general news updates can also be found on the institute's page. You will not need to download anything to be able to participate, but may wish to download the webex client instead of using a browser.

The event will include an introduction to the structure of this degree, what course-combinations (modules) should be selected for the first semester and how to select them. Please note that , while there is a selection of courses and you do not have to take all of them, you are also not completely free in your choice based on the regulations for the degree. This is one of the reasons why participation in the event is highly recommended before booking courses in the Campus Management System.

Some of the professors teaching in the degree will also be present and happy to answers any advance questions you may have before courses start the following week.

If you are unable to attend and do not feel extremely well prepared already, please contact me to set up another Webex appointment.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, but please note that most likely any questions can much more easily be dealt with at the event or - if they reach a certain level of complexity - in a Webex conversation.


Paulo Schulz

Student Advisement

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