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Bibliotheksportal der FU Berlin - Zugang zu Volltextdatenbanken/ Artikeln, Nachschlagewerken etc.

Tutorial und Einführung zum Bibliotheksportal:





Wichtige Volltextdatenbanken:

Project Muse



Universitätsbibliothek der FU Berlin

www.ub.fu-berlin.de ("FU-OPAC")*

You should contact the library for a guided tour (regularly at beginning of term and other times)

Seminarlisten: Suche/ Signatur/ Semesterliste


KOBV-Katalog (beinah) aller Berliner (und einiger Brandenburger) Bibliotheken*


(Free access) Helps you to locate the titles you are looking for by providing a simultaneous search in most Berlin libraries


Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin


(Free access) Yearly user fee: 25 Euros (Indispensable for getting hold of "scholarly" books and academic journals)


Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek (AGB) Berlin


Catalogue: www.voebb.de

(Free access) For just 5 Euros a year, you can use this and any other Berlin public library linked to "Verbund Öffentlicher Bibliotheken". Numerous books (including English-language ones), audiobooks, videos, etc.


KVK- Karlsruher virtueller katalog


(Free access) Meta catalogue for German and international libraries and booktrade


In case of emergency

Subito - Dokumentlieferdienst internationaler Bibliotheken

Subito is a library document delivery service for articles and books. You can use it to research documents and order them. Delivery will be made promptly and directly to the desired address.

For fees and user information check at




*** Please note that in the case of these online catalogues, the titles preceding 1990 often are not included (for these, please check local “Zettelkasten” as well).

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