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Drama in Teacher Training

Some courses of „Fachdidaktik Englisch“ at BA- and MA-level contain elements of drama.

At the beginning, students might wonder…

Why drama? What’s the use of it? What are these classes like?

Several groups of students who participated in a drama-oriented seminar at “Fachdidaktik Englisch” taught by Prof. Sambanis set out to answer these questions by formulating their personal course description. In the next section, you find quotes from these course descriptions, as well as some photos of students’ dramatizations in class.

Impressions from BA Seminars

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Impressions from MA Seminars

Slideshow SoSe2014

Chain poem

Folgendes Poster wurde von Josephin März nach Küppers et al. (2011: Inszenierungen im Fremdsprachenunterricht) erstellt.

Kooperatives Lernen, Dramapädagogik im Englischunterricht und der Begriff Performativität