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The Millenium Grammar

The Millenium Grammar

Dieter Mindt

An Empirical Grammar
of the English Verb System.

Cornelsen Verlag. 657 pp.

DM 148,00

ISBN 3-464-37110-7
Order number 371107

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  • The grammar takes full advantage of the corpus revolution. It is based on the largest collection of authentic language data ever used for a grammar – more than 240 million words of spoken and written English.
  • The grammar covers three important text types: spoken conversation, fictional texts, expository prose.
  • There has been no borrowing from previous grammars. Original research was carried out for the description of each item using computational tools for all steps of the analysis.
  • All examples in the grammar are authentic. Frequencies are given throughout for all formal, syntactic, and semantic features of the English verb system.
  • Grammatical rules are presented in the order of their importance for communication and language teaching and learning. The grammar distinguishes grammatical prototypes from marginal cases.
  • The grammar is based on a revolutionary structural model of the verb phrase. Where other grammars have to resort to numerous exceptions, all verb pattern of English can now be explained as cases of rule-governed grammatical behaviour.
  • There is a new distinction between finite and non-finite verb phrases offering a ground-breaking description of the non-finite verb phrase.
  • The grammar is a state-of-the-art product of the most recent developments in computer aided language research.
  • The grammar is a must for anyone interested in new and reliable evidence about the English verb system. For learners and teachers of English it offers a wealth of information previously unavailable.