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Pathography and Graphic Medicine: The Genres of PathoGraphics



Date: 13.–15.10.2016
Place: FU Berlin, Room JK 33/121
Organisation: PathoGraphics-Team = Susan Squier (Penn State); Irmela Krüger-Fürhoff (Berlin); Nina Schmidt (Berlin); Stef Lenk (Berlin); Alexandra Hummel (Berlin)
Contact: pathographics@fsgs.fu-berlin.de

This workshop will explore the ways that genres figure and operate in illness narratives and comics about medicine, illness, and disability. How are specific genres, such as life-writing, memoir, or confessional, distributed across the different media of literary narrative and comics? How do these two different media incorporate, enact, or revise generic traditions? What aesthetic expectations are coupled with these different genres, and how do they play out (similarly or differently) in illness narratives and works of graphic medicine? What are the resulting social, historical, and biomedical effects of these generic expectations, when we consider the role(s) played by illness narratives or works of graphic medicine in various different contexts?


October 13, 2016: Keynote Lecture

venue: Seminarzentrum L115

Keynote: G. Thomas Couser
Comment: MK Czerwiec

October 14-15, 2016: Workshop

venue: JK33/121


Astrid Böger, Hamburg
Ariane Burckhardt, Basel
G. Thomas Couser, New York
MK Czerwiec, Chicago
Franziska Gygax, Basel
Christina Maria Koch, Marburg
Sophia Martineck, Berlin
Krista Quesenberry, Philadelphia
Dennis Schep, Berlin

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